Hockey Parks

Hockey is becoming increasing technical and fast. These days, ambitious hockey players are required to master 3D techniques, lifting skills, dragging techniques and a wide range of passes. Developing such a skill set requires practice, time and plenty of specialized training. European Hockey Group is facilitating this with the development of high performance fields.

Skill Parks

Our partner Csignsports has developed an innovative hockeymat featuring 3D obstacles, allowing you to train stick control, speed and skills in a small area. This training tool is supplied by the European Hockey Group to hockeyclubs in the form of Skillparks. The space and budget available guide the creation of tailor-made Skillparks. If required we can even produce these technique-training fields in your own club colors.

Train your skills

The Skillparks feature a wide range of skill trainers based on a variety of lift/wave, dummy & drag techniques. The exercises have been created in collaboration with former World’s best hockey player Robert van der Horst on an international level. It is possible to participate in various courses and relay races, as well as focus on mastering a difficult technique. A real bonus for young people!

Short Corner Park

The short corner is a great weapon in competitive hockey. When performed properly it gives a direct opportunity to score a goal. A good short corner is essential at every level. A ‘short-corner hockey park’ provides the possibility to train this special manoeuvre in an optimum manner. In an entirely closed environment players are triggered to improve their technique. The fact that ball speed is recorded in this arena and motion video analyses can be made of your technique means that the short-corner park is a professional and important training tool.

Spec sheet

Dimensions: 20m x 18m = 360m2 contains:
Solid shock-absorbent foundation, Sideboarding, High-quality fencing including ball retainer and 4m high netting, High-quality artificial water grass with line markings, Competition goal, Watering installation, Speed monitoring, Video registration for motion analysis, Training material package for Corner and Keeper training

5- A-Side Park

This explosive innovative game played on a field [with boarding] approximately of 20 x 40 meters is considered a future game variant that will help develop the sport as a whole. The game is fast and furious and requires its players to be in top condition. It is played in teams of 5 or 6 for periods of 15 minutes. Goals can be scored from anywhere on the field. This new form of the game is bound to become popular soon, as an international competition has already been approved by the FIH.

Spec sheet

Dimensions: Approximately 25m x 50m = 1000m2 contains:
Solid shock-absorbent underlay, Sideboarding (25cm high), High-quality fencing including ball retainer, High-quality artificial water grass with line markings, 1 Competition goal and 2 x 5-a-side goals, Watering installation, Speed monitoring, Video registration for motion analysis, Training material package for Corner and Keeper training. The option to place an indoor hockey floor on the existing field, And the option to convert this field into an ‘Air Dome Indoor Park’

Recent Projects

Mobile Park – Belgium

For the Belgium Field Hockey Federation we’ve delivered the third Mobile Park together with partner Hockeypartner. These Mobile Parks will be used during Field Hockey events across their country.

SkillPark & SkillGarden Weert

In Weert, The Netherlands, we’ve build a Csign SkillPark combining a SkillGarden following the Athletic Skills Model. Members of the local Field Hockey club, Athletics club and even College [...]

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